Beer & Picknell – Video Series #3 – Spare parts, stores, procurement

beer and picknell

Richard Beer and James Reyes-Picknell – long-time friends and colleagues like to talk about issues of interest to the asset maintenance management community. Between the two of them, there is nearly a century of experience in the field. Both have seen and lived the mistakes and lessons learned that we call experience.

These video chats are moderated and edited by Houtan Ghaffarisaravi.

This third in our series is about spare parts, stores, the problems we have with them, and why. If you are in maintenance and have complaints about parts availability, then you need to listen to this one!

What’s a big surprise to many in maintenance, is that the root of this problem is rarely with stores, procurement, and supply chain. Don’t point a finger until you get your own maintenance house in order.


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