Uptime – Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management

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This course provides an overview and insight into the "Uptime Pyramid of Excellence" - a framework designed to help companies achieve high performance from their physical assets. Based on the book, "Uptime" 3rd edition by James Reyes-Picknell and John Campbell


Picture of book coverThis course provides an overview and insight into the “Uptime Pyramid of Excellence” – a framework designed to help companies achieve high performance from their physical assets. It is based on the book, “Uptime – Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management”, 3rd edition, 2015, by John Campbell (d) and James Reyes-Picknell. James presents this series of 13 lessons, one for each of the book’s chapters.

The total duration of recorded lessons is 6 hours 55 minutes with another 4 hours 5 minutes of allowed time for quizzes (11 hours total). There is one quiz per lesson, ranging from 15 to 30 minutes in duration, and a total of 13 lessons.

Earns student 1.5 CEUs upon successful completion.


What Will I Learn?

  • Students will understand the importance of having an improvement strategy and all of its major components before attempting maintenance improvements.
  • Understand various technologies, techniques, processes, and methods involved in achieving high performance in maintenance.
  • Gain a general overview of the Uptime Model with sufficient detail to initiate an improvement program.

Topics for this course

13 Lessons15h


This topic covers improvement, people and teamwork, the foundational elements of any improvement program.
Lesson 1 Quiz
Lesson 2 – Teamwork and People00:24:49
Lesson 2 Quiz


The second tier of the Uptime Pyramid of Excellence contains 5 components that you simply can't do without. These lessons are aimed at improving the efficiency of your maintenance work execution, making the most of your workforce time, getting the most work done and at the lowest practical cost.

Choosing Excellence?

The top tier in the Uptime Pyramid of Excellence focused on the effectiveness of your maintenance program, largely through reliability and identifying the right proactive work.

Asset Management?

Asset Management is a broader topic, encompassing maintenance yet sharing much of the same data and information for successful application.

The Journey?

This topic is about implementing Uptime to achieve high-performance results.

Capstone Assignment?

This topic is intended to wrap up the course with an assignment in applying Uptime in your operational environment.

About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • Video class instruction online for 13 lessons.
  • Approx 30 - 40 mins each lesson
  • Quiz at end of each lesson.
  • Course slides in PDF format for students.
  • Various attachments relevant to specific lessons.
  • Contributes to certificate of completion and CEUs for training.


  • Students should have access to a copy of, "Uptime - Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management" 3rd edition - available online. It can be purchased from the publisher (link on the consciousasset.com website) or from major online book sellers.

Target Audience

  • General managers and managers of maintenance in any organization that relies on physical assets to produce a product or deliver a service reliably.