Asset Performance Management

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What is Asset Performance Management?

Asset Performance Management takes a holistic look at your business and how your physical assets provide it with value throughout the life cycle of those assets. It supports corporate strategic objectives using a balance of performance, risk, cost, and future opportunity. Today we are going well beyond conventional approaches to Condition Based Maintenance, leveraging the power of Industry 4.0 including the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning.

APM goes way beyond the old maintenance paradigm of simply fixing things when they break. Managing asset performance entails the definition of what proactive maintenance is most effective, then deploying it efficiently, leveraging technology where it makes sense. We don’t add devices just anywhere, and we don’t collect data just because computer memory is cheap. We deploy it where it will provide useful information about asset conditions and advanced warnings so that actions can be taken to mitigate risks. 

Technology requires a lot of thought to be deployed intelligently. Without that foresight, you risk becoming data distracted rather than informed

Visit our Case Studies

See how we helped a large mining company implement Maintenance and Asset Management.

International standards, ISO 55000, 55001, and 55002, raise the bar above conventional engineering, maintenance, and capital planning practices. Risk management is enhanced and competency is developed. Your insurers, banks, and regulators gain confidence that you are managing your assets well and exposing them to lower risks. In return, they can offer lower premiums, larger investments in capital and operational lines of credit, and better terms. Your financial managers will see the need for less capital investment because existing assets, well cared for, will last longer.

See how helped a major health care center improve its Asset Management practices, enhancing patient care and service levels while making the facility itself a safer place to work.

Here’s how we helped a retail distribution system improve its service levels.

We are working with analytics software providers to help in setting up Industry 4.0 APM. We can help with technology and more importantly, with getting value from it

Ask us about your IIoT, digitalization ambitions, and how we can help.

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