MRO Spares

Solving MRO problems can be complex.

We specialize in developing and deploying software tools for clients with complex MRO management needs.

Solving MRO problems can be complex. Many of the problems arise from poor maintenance planning, poor communication between maintenance and stores, and a lack of updating information that your stores need to manage effectively. Being born problem solvers, maintainers often give up on stores and take matters into their own hands. That usually makes the problem even worse.

We have one of Canada’s leading MRO Supply Chain consultants on our team, and extensive experience in maintenance/supply chain problem-solving. We have also teamed with MRO Analytics of the UK to help us with the tools needed for optimization.
  • Do you have trouble with spare parts availability when you need it?
  • Do you receive the wrong parts from stores, even though you ordered the right ones?
  • Do you have too much inventory and low turnover?
  • Do you have too much slow (or no) moving inventory on hand?
  • Are your stores’ personnel asking you to review lists of what they see as obsolete parts?
  • Do your maintainers have their own stashes of parts and materials (a.k.a. Magpie, Squirrel, or Shadow Inventory)?
  • Do your maintainers refuse to give up those stashes?
We team with specialists in developing and deploying software tools for clients with complex MRO management needs. With a specific focus on risk-based spares inventory optimization across industrial enterprises, we leverage years of deep subject matter experience through enabling client use of rapidly deployable business solutions, and sometimes those are integrated within a broader suite of proprietary MRO risk management tools.
Solutions are developed and deployed globally by blended project teams made up of our Supply Chain and MRO specialists (working in the background on the tools), client personnel, and, where needed local accredited consulting partners with proven domain expertise such as Conscious Asset.
We have added several white papers dealing with MRO spares to our Resources – click here.
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