Reliability Consulting

Assessment, Improvement, Consulting.

Reliability consulting helps you achieve the inherent capability of your physical assets to perform at peak.

Reliability management is all about minimizing the frequency of unwanted downtime incidents. Those incidents (failures) have consequences to your business including downtime, loss of revenue, increased costs for repairs, and sometimes increased risks to safety, and your environmental performance. High reliability lowers your risks to business continuity.

Reliability comes from thoughtfully creating a proactive maintenance program and then following it.

An interview with Mobius Institute

Many failures can be avoided, predicted, or detected before they lead to undesirable consequences. Some can be tolerated. Knowing which is which really matters. It is key to determining if action is warranted.

Knowing how they occur is key to determining the strategies you use to deal with the failures and their consequences.

Investment in developing the right proactive maintenance program for your business is far less expensive and produces far better results than the alternatives – break then fix (the most expensive and most disruptive), follow manufacturers’ recommendations (costly overkill that actually leads to more failures), or relying purely on the gut feel and experience of maintainers who don’t really understand reliability. 

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