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We rely on technology to help us, but all too often we can become slaves to it.

Are you getting real value from your tech?

Are you able to use your maintenance data to make reliability improvements?

Is your Asset Information a valuable asset, or a problem?

Can you get meaningful management reports for maintenance, MRO inventory and reliability?

Do your reports actually influence the behaviors you want to encourage?

Do you trust your inventory and stores management system data?

Do you get “data distracted” instead of being informed?

Want to leverage the IIoT to your advantage?

Do you have a good RCM support tool?


AIM (Asset Information Management): Creating, saving, using data to deliver value instead of distracting you and your staff. Read about it in our Blog, or consider our AIM training course

IIoT: Industrial Internet of Things – is it the Future of Maintenance? Read our article:

Are you using the IIoT wisely?
Yes, you can reduce costs while increasing reliability with technology, but you can also throw a lot of money at the problem needlessly. What are you doing?

Value Extraction
Are your management systems really helping?

Do you find yourself, data distracted?

Is your Asset Management Ecosystem working for you, or are you working for it?
Is there an array of systems and tools that are keeping people busy, but not achieving the results you want? 

Technology can help, but technology led initiatives can easily pile up and fail to deliver. Success is not always about the technology, but how it can help you achieve what you want. Put “thought-ware” ahead of software! Some areas where we can help:

  • Digitization,
  • Evidence-based decision making,
  • Leveraging big data,
  • Optimizing spares levels and working capital tied up in inventory,
  • Inventory optimization,
  • Optimum replacement age of assets,
  • Repair or replace decisions,
  • Capital investment planning,
  • Leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies,
  • Reliability analysis,
  • Maintenance management.