Planning and Scheduling Competency Program


Planning and scheduling competency program – lectures and assignments with instructor feedback. This is far more than other courses on the market.



Planning and scheduling are at the very heart of what we do in managing maintenance. Well planned work executed on schedule is much less expensive than work that is unplanned and done without scheduling considerations. Planning ensures that everything needed for efficient work execution is identified so that once the work begins, it is done the right way, done quickly, and at the lowest possible cost. Scheduling makes good use of the time before the job is started – to ensure parts and materials are available, to make sure the right labor is available, to make sure the equipment itself is available from operations, etc. Done well, you will be scheduling work when it disrupts operations by the least amount.

This program is much more than a course. It’s about those two processes. It discusses what you need to know to increase maintenance efficiency, leading to lower costs and much better utilization of your trades’ (artisans, technicians) workforce. We include exercises that are marked individually in this program – they make up the bulk of the course. You will truly learn by practicing in this one.

Richard Beer has worked in planning and scheduling and with various computerized management systems, experienced the problems that you, the planner and scheduler, will encounter and solved them.

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