Reliability Engineering Applied to Maintenance, Espanol, 6-9 Oct 20


You will learn how to determine the asset’s predominant failure patterns as revealed by failure events’ statistical analyses. You will be able to make optimum decisions by choosing the most convenient failure consequence management policy to better reduce risks affecting your organization’s goals. The hands-on class allows you to apply various types of reliability analyses to real-world failure data to identify proper proactive tasks and their corresponding execution frequencies aimed to make your maintenance program both operationally and economically successful.



In this course you will learn the concepts of reliability that will allow you to determine the failure mode of your equipment, starting from the analysis of how these faults are generalized. This will allow you to choose, from the financial perspective, between preventive, corrective, or predictive maintenance, obtaining the best impact in the operation of your machine.

You will practice and apply real cases of the fundamental concepts (histograms, Weibull analysis, and others) to identify adequate strategies of preventive replacement of machinery, within the philosophy of maintenance that best applies.

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