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A total of 15 hours of instruction, quizzes, and a Capstone Assignment. There are 13 lessons, each with a quiz. Content covered is included in our book, “Uptime – Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management”, 3rd edition, 2016. The course is presented by the author. Students may ask questions and get answers at any point during the training. Successful completion of the course earns 1.5 CEUs.



Our Uptime course provides a thorough overview of asset management, maintenance, MRO materials, and reliability management.  They are based on our book, Uptime – Strategies for Excellence in Maintenance Management which we use as a course text and ISO 55001, the International Standards Organization standard on Asset Management. In addition to the content of these references, we use numerous examples from our own experiences and observations.  The content discussed goes well beyond the books and into what works and what does not.  We teach activities and methods that can be used to improve operational performance at both the shop floor and management levels. As such, the training is well suited to a broad cross-section of organizational levels and functional disciplines.

This course includes a quiz for each lesson and a Capstone Assignment in which the student uses our online “Uptime – Maintenance Excellence Self Assessment” to identify opportunities for improvements and then create a prioritized list of those improvement projects. Total course time including quizzes and assignment is approximately 15 hours, earning 1.5 CEUs upon successful completion.

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