Paying Your Way

Value you can derive from having high-reliability operations.

Our latest book is about the value you can derive from having high-reliability operations. It costs less to maintain and operate, but the big bucks come from the added availability that allows you flexibility. That flexibility allows you to produce more, adjust working shifts if you are market limited, accommodate special downtime needs (such as shutdowns), and all without big hits to production. You end up producing more at lower unit costs.

This book is about that value and what it takes to achieve it. It is written for the non-technical reader, senior executives, and managers who typically have profit and loss responsibility. It is our hope that the readers of this book will be decision-makers who can say “yes” to making improvements, take a leadership role in making them happen, and achieve the results described.

If you are a senior level general or financial manager, or an executive with responsibility for operations or finance, then this book is for you.
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This video provides an overview of concepts that are explained in the book.