Maintenance & Reliability Maturity Assessment Gateway

We developed this assessment for heavy industry operations that value productivity & efficiency. Use it to discern whether your maintenance spending is paying off, or risks subjecting your organization to unplanned or inefficient expenses.

This is included as a part of our Uptime Rapid Value Assessment.

This Assessment:

  • Confirms or dismisses suspicions that a problem exists
  • Quickly identifies a problem’s magnitude
  • Minimizes the risk of being blindsided by operational breakdowns / failures / accidents

M&R Maturity Assessment Access

For Executives - this assessment asks for estimates of several key performance indicators. If you don't have those readily available, your General Managers will probably have the answers for you. Note that after paying for access to this assessment tool, you may use it as often as you wish.

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The price is in USD. You will receive a link to the assessment form. You may use it as many times as you like. Our fee includes a 30 minutes free consultation to discuss the results of your assessment for a single operating site. A link to book that will be included in the email containing your feedback report.
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