Value Proposition

The Conscious Asset Value Proposition

Who we are

We are Conscious Asset, an advisory firm specializing in operational efficiencies, cost containment, and revenue maximization.

What we do

As your revenue and efficiency ally, we develop and execute strategies that focus on decreasing costs, while optimizing the value delivered by your physical assets, those who operate and maintain them.

Who we do it for

We work with manufacturing, utility, and mining companies who are experiencing high levels of variability, instability in operations, runaway costs, a constant state of “break and fix”, and a misalignment between the goals of the organization and the results being achieved. They need big firm results, quickly and sustainably. 

Our customers are private sector firms, public sector organizations who depend on their physical assets to produce a product or deliver a service. We support major consulting firms when they need the best to deliver the big results their strategies rely on for success.

How we do it

We utilize The Conscious Asset Model™, a unique five-stage process that thoroughly analyzes operations, identifies opportunities, then develops and executes project plans for cost reduction and revenue growth.



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