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We are brutally honest with our customers. You will hear what you need to hear, not what might please you. We will explain everything fully. You may be uncomfortable doing the work, but you will get results. You will end up happy with what you achieve. Many of our customers come back to us when they are ready for a solution that will work. We are there for you!

Our Specialties:

Asset Management —  Maintenance — Reliability

We will lower your operations and maintenance costs per unit of output while lowering your risks through the efficiency and effectiveness of your Asset Maintenance programs.

Maintenance and Asset Management Assessments, Improvement Strategies, Process and Performance Improvement

Achieving measurable results – more margin, more Uptime, lower costs, lower risks



If you want different results, you need to think differently. You don’t know what you don’t know. Our training introduces successful practices and methods, increases knowledge, confidence and competence.

Asset Management — ISO 55000

Maintenance Management — Uptime

Reliability — RCM-R®, RCFA, Reliability Analysis

Public Training Courses, On site Training (We come to you)

Training OfferingsScheduled Courses and Events


You already achieve good results. Getting more can be a challenge. The technical changes are usually easy. It’s the human and cultural changes that they require to deliver results that are challenging. We build change programs right into the work we do with our customers. We don’t do your work for you, we help you see how to do it better. Our aim is to help you improve your business results. When you achieve more, then we’ve succeeded.

We are the consultants that big firms call when they need deep insight and experience!

Assessments, Improvement Strategy, Road-maps, Implementation Support

Training, Mentoring, Coaching

Change Management is built in

On site and remote support to your projects

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Technology Services

You need the right tools, and you need to know how to use them properly to achieve the best results. We help you select, implement and get value from the technology you choose to deploy.

Asset Management, Maintenance Management and Reliability Support Systems

Process definition, software selection, implementation services (training, configuration)

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