Partners and Affiliations

Joint Venture

Conscious Reliability is our joint venture, together with PdM Tech USA, to manage the RCM-R® Intellectual Property and promote it worldwide. Formed in 2017, when our book, “Reliability Centered Maintenance – Re-engineered” was launched, it has just passed its first anniversary. In that first year, we have trained people throughout North, Central, and South America, and Europe and begun spreading the methodology to parts of Africa, the Middle-East, and Asia.

Professional Associations
Business Partners
  • Alescent – Using science to accelerate value
  • Avantune – Business 4.0 solutions – innovation without complexity
  • Blockchain Hub – high security and confidence where trust is lacking. Lassonde School of Engineering, York University, Toronto
  • Boston Consulting Group – strategic and operational performance improvement
  • Brasman Engenharia – For specialized parts and MRO Optimization and engineering (Brazil)
  • C-MORE at the University of Toronto on both consulting and educational efforts
  • Edumine – online training for the mining industry
  • EY – operational performance improvement and information technology solutions
  • Fair Grant Writing – government grant programs (Canada)
  • GM BluePlan Consulting Engineers (Southern Ontario)
  • Iota Consultants – end to end business solutions (Calgary)
  • Maverick Consultants – Maintenance and Reliability (Chile)
  • Metsco – Electrical engineers (Canada)
  • MRO Analytics – Spares Inventory Optimization (UK)
  • Noria USA and LATAM – Lubrication analysis and lube certification
  • PDM Tech – For Reliability Engineering support in Latin America (Puerto Rico)
  • Pennell Consulting, Inc. – Electrical engineers (USA)
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