Partners and Affiliations

Joint Venture

Conscious Reliability is our joint venture, together with PdM Tech USA, to manage the RCM-R® Intellectual Property and promote it worldwide. We formed it in 2017, when our book, “Reliability Centered Maintenance – Re-engineered” was launched, Through it we have trained students throughout North, Central, and South America, Europe, and begun spreading the methodology to parts of Africa, the Middle-East, and Asia.

Professional Associations
Business Partners
  • Alescent – Using science to accelerate value
  • Avantune – Business 4.0 solutions – innovation without complexity
  • Blockchain Hub – high security and confidence where trust is lacking. Lassonde School of Engineering, York University, Toronto
  • Boston Consulting Group – strategic and operational performance improvement
  • Brasman Engenharia – For specialized parts and MRO Optimization and engineering (Brazil)
  • C-MORE at the University of Toronto on both consulting and educational efforts
  • Edumine – online training for the mining industry
  • EY – operational performance improvement and information technology solutions
  • Fair Grant Writing – government grant programs (Canada)
  • GM BluePlan Consulting Engineers (Southern Ontario)
  • Iota Consultants – end to end business solutions (Calgary)
  • Maverick Consultants – Maintenance and Reliability (Chile)
  • Metsco – Electrical engineers (Canada)
  • MRO Analytics – Spares Inventory Optimization (UK)
  • Noria USA and LATAM – Lubrication analysis and lube certification
  • PDM Tech – For Reliability Engineering support in Latin America (Puerto Rico)
  • Pennell Consulting, Inc– Electrical engineers (USA)
  • TRO Solutions– EAM and CMMS technical solutions and implementation (Canada)