About Us

About Conscious Asset

Conscious Asset is an operating unit of Conscious Group Inc., an Ontario (Canada) Corporation. 

The firm was founded early in 2004 as “Conscious Management Inc.,” then reorganized and rebranded in 2005. We are a management consulting and industrial training firm offering services specialized in the fields of physical asset reliability, maintenance and asset management. 

We help our clients achieve high performance at low levels of risk from their physical assets and the people who look after them. We deliver reliability programs that result in high asset performance, lower maintenance and operating costs, and less operational disruption. Risks to safety, the environment, business interruption and customer satisfaction are all reduced.   

We work with our clients through initial assessment to development of business case, process improvements and improvement strategies, then as and when needed alongside our client personnel as coaches, trainers, mentors and advisors. We are proud to be “trusted advisors” to several companies who have learned that they can rely on our advice to be honest and direct. We tell them what they need to know and advise on what to do about it. We view their achievements and success as our own. 

Our customers are large private sector firms and public sector organizations. They depend on their physical assets to produce a product or deliver a service. Industries we’ve served include: mining and metals, electric generation, transmission and distribution, gas, water and waste water utilities, oil and gas (upstream and mid-stream), urban transportation (rail), long distance rail and road transport, marine transportation, aerospace, pulp and paper, manufacturing, food, consumer goods distribution, mail and package distribution, defense, para-military (coast guard), municipalities, hospitals, hazardous waste processing, chemicals and petrochemicals. 

We are based in Canada, and work internationally as required to fulfil our customers’ needs. Our consultants are all experts at what they do: reliability, maintenance management, planning and scheduling of work, project management, system implementation, process re-engineering, developing improvement strategies, helping clients make improvements and working alongside our clients as part of their teams.


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