Insurance: are you really covered?

Insurance will cover you for unforeseen risks provided you are doing what the insurer deems to be the minimum to minimize those risks. Is your business really covered if your physical assets fail to perform? What maintenance?

Surfside – Inspecting to failure!

In June 2021, we learned about the partial collapse of a condominium in Surfside Florida, with devastating results – only a few survivors, and many fatalities.  The building had actually been inspected in 2018 by a qualified engineer, and parts of it were deemed to be “structurally unsound”.

Conspiracy theory debunked – Maintenance leads to reliability

If you believe that reliable operations will result if you just follow your maintenance program, then you might also believe a few falsehoods about reliability and maintenance. First is the falsehood that maintenance is all you need to achieve reliability. Maintenance is a part, but you also need a good design and good operations.

Are condition assessments needed?

A well-designed maintenance program should eliminate the need to do condition assessments. These assessments are a form of condition monitoring, so why not include them in your proactive maintenance (PM) program?

Look before you leap – part 3

With IIoT, AI, ML and digital transformation you can leap before you look. Some are doing that already. Some may even be getting encouraging results. Be more strategic and investigate first. That investigation isn’t just into the tech, as many are doing today. Look at your processes, problems, people, what can they do, not do, take on, etc. Get it right on paper before attempting to computerize and automate.