“Our World,” a book for your children

Here’s one you probably don’t expect from me. A children’s book! “Our World” is intended to spark curiosity In children about the world around them. It asks questions like, where does the water in my shower come from, how does the electricity in my light bulb get there, and many more. It uses everyday childhood experiences to spark questions.

My hope is that it will raise awareness of industries that are operating largely behind the scenes, and often in far away places, to serve our everyday needs like electricity, materials for our cell phones, cars, houses, and more. There are many job opportunities out there waiting for our youth. Many of them pay very well, yet they go wanting for young and qualified talent. It’s almost as if these opportunities are hidden, unintentionally, by a lack if information. Our education system as a whole, is letting them down, and that’s partly because those who run that system have no idea what’s out there, themselves.

This book is intended to address some of those issues. I hope you will enjoy it.

Link to e-book (print version coming soon)