Uptime for Executives – Video 9

This is the 9th in our series of 12 “Uptime for Executives” videos. This video blog series provides just an overview of the book contents. For greater depth and insights, get the book. Video 8 had a look at IT and typical management software “solutions” and whether or not they can really help with our performance problems. For the most part they are just tools. This video speaks to Artificial Intelligence and whether or not it can help. There is a lot of promise in this area, but even with the best “intelligence” (yours or artificial), you still need “hands on deck” to get the plant and equipment working!

Taking the right action will be challenging and it is worth it. You can achieve savings of 20% or more of your maintenance costs, spare parts inventory reductions of up to 30%, and up to 60% of your proactive maintenance (and its downtime) eliminated. Each 1% of added plant availability increases revenues by 1%, and better maintained plant and equipment simply lasts longer, deferring future capital investment. What’s not to like about all that?

“Uptime for Executives – Achieving and Sustaining High Performance” is now available in: English, langue fran├žaise / French, lengua espa├▒ola / Spanish. There are print (softcover) and e-book versions in all three languages. There’s also an audio book version in English. You can find the various links here: Books.