Reliability, Maintenance, MRO Spares, and Asset Performance Management

We’re subject matter experts that the major consulting firms come to for help

Achieving greater results, whether it is to benefit your employer’s company, or to advance your career, requires new knowledge, new skills, and putting them to use. Adding certifications and taking courses isn’t enough. You must put it all to work.

We have been specialized in this business for decades and we know what we are doing. We will tell you what is achievable and are confident in our ability to help you achieve agreed objectives. We even guarantee our work.

Some ways we can help:

  • Assessment of Asset Management, Reliability, and Maintenance – gap analysis, recommended actions, and strategy for implementation.
  • Business case development – find hidden value and create your case for action.
  • Business process mapping, evaluation, redesign, reengineering, and implementation.
  • Change Management is built into all that we do.
  • Coaching – (remote or on-site) for maintenance managers, superintendents, and reliability engineers to help them be more effective.
  • Expert Witness – we can support prosecution and defense for litigation related to equipment and system failures. Leverage our subject matter expertise.
  • Financial analysis of your reliability project so you can justify and pay for your improvements from the benefits they generate.
  • Analysis of reliability and maintenance data.
  • Analysis of MRO inventory, stores, and supply chain data.
  • Staffing – we can help you find suitable candidates, and we help candidates find suitable positions. We have an extensive network of qualified people in maintenance, reliability, and supply chain.
  • Support for project execution – training, coaching, mentoring, advisory. Remote or on-site support for large and small improvement projects, always tailored to your needs.
  • Technology assessment, business case, selection, implementation, value realization. Don’t be distracted by data. We make sure your technology does what you want it to do – we put you in the driver seat, not the other way around.
  • Training – maintenance management, reliability, and asset management – both live and online. You can get different results with the same old thinking!

Our guarantee
We guarantee the work we do. We will be honest and direct – if we cannot achieve what you want, we will tell you what we believe to be achievable. We will be clear about what we will do and what must happen on your part to achieve the results agreed upon. Once engaged, if our work is flawed, we will redo that work at no additional cost to you, our customer. 

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