One place for all your data!

one place for data

Here’s a video of a discussion event that was organized by UpKeep. Asset Operations Management (AOM) unites maintenance, operations, and reliability data to help teams make important business decisions, with full visibility across the entire life cycle of maintenance, asset management, and operations.

This webinar covers the themes outlined in the two AOM pillars:

  • Collect the Right Data, Display the Best Insights, and Provide Actionable Feedback Through a Centralized Command Center 
  • Data Must Flow Into a Single Repository 

A common theme in maintenance, manufacturing, and business is the fact that there is simply too much data out there that is disorganized. If companies can’t access accurate, targeted information in the moments they need it, then they won’t be able to make smart, informed decisions.

In order for an organization to successfully embrace and implement AOM, it needs to find a way to redirect and streamline data into a centralized location. In most companies today, data is siloed in different departments and technologies, making it nearly impossible to uncover a single source of truth.

Participants: Blair Huhta (host), Ryan Chan (CEO UpKeep), George Williams (Founder and CEO of ReliabilityX), and our own James Reyes-Picknell.

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