Uptime for Executives – Video 3

This is the 3rd in our series of 12 “Uptime for Executives” videos. In this video I’ll explain just what is meant by “Uptime” – both in the technical sense, and in reference to our model of excellence.

Companies stand to gain substantial cost savings and revenue gains if they can maintain their physical assets. By that I mean, doing the right maintenance, and doing it the right way. Benefits include: up to 20% maintenance cost savings, up to 30% reduction of inventory, up to 60% of PMs eliminated from the current program. That’s a lot of untapped benefit. It sounds easy enough to achieve, but many find it difficult – until now.

Uptime for Executives” is now available in e-book format in: English, langue fran├žaise / French, lengua espa├▒ola / Spanish. It should take you no more than an hour to read! The value of that investment – priceless.

Hard copy versions and an English audio version are in the works!