Outsourcing maintenance – the timing is ripe


Operations might fear a loss of control, finance might see potential for cost savings, and maintainers will often recoil in horror at the thought of “being outsourced”. Mis-understanding and mis-information abound. There’s a common mis-perception that the outsourced part of the business is no longer important. Yet, it’s been done to IT, HR, Accounting, Purchasing and Stores (all of which are cost centers), and even some entire operations (both revenue generation and cost centers). Outsourcing is poorly understood, and is often confused with prescriptive “contracting” practices that are fraught with errors, and all too frequently fail to deliver on desired results.

The following article was published in the Winter 2023 edition of MRO Magazine. It was written by our principal consultant, James Reyes-Picknell. To reach James, you can contact him by clicking here.

Outsourcing Maintenance – is it time?